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We are the number one make-up brand of Turkey with 21% market share. We compete in the markets of 104 countries in seven continents, primarily in developing markets. We are a woman’s best friend with our fashionable and reliable make-up products. We welcome women into the creative world by providing them with colors and textures that will allow them to represent their style in the best manner. We believe that color is the core of the Flormar world. We devote ourselves to finding the trendiest colors to bring out the beauty in women. We believe that each color is an essential tool for expressing your culture and reflecting your emotions.

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البلد: Jordan | الشركة: Flormar Jordan | الموقع: www.flormar.com | إجمالي المبيعات: 1515 | إجمالي المنتجات: 224


FLORMAR | max growth nail care


FLORMAR | 4in1 Complete Care Nail Care


FLORMAR | Cotton Candy&Vanilla Body Lotion


FLORMAR | eyeshadow palette


FLORMAR | French Manicure Set Flormar Nail Enamel


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