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Gel Polish MILANO 8 ml, timeless, fashionable gel polish with a shade of Autumn sunset. He is equally appreciated by young girls, glamorous beauties, domineering business women and housewives. A beautiful manicure doesn’t just complement the look. He fully reveals the image. That is why gel polish is also an incentive to always have well-groomed fingers and monitor the condition of the nails.

The Milano Cosmetic 8 ml gel polish palette is a modern covering that combines the best properties of professional nail polishes and modeling gels. The unique formula of Milano polishes makes it easy to create a flawless manicure. It has perfect glossy sheen, color vibrancy and outstanding durability. The covering is chip-free and scratch-free. The main palette of Milano gel polishes consists of 246 colors. Among which, in addition to all sorts of classic shades. There are also shades with design elements.

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