COVERDERM | Coverderm Camouflage Concealer SPF 30

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An excellent concealer that covers up dark eye circles and fine lines, rendering a bright fresh look!

Recommended by dermatologists and make-up artists worldwide!
The under-eye area is the most sensitive skin area of the body. Dark circles and under-eye puffiness can be of permanent nature or can easily appear to anyone due to tiredness and stress, within hours!

Coverderm Concealer is the absolute solution, dark circles and any under-eye blemish disappear in an instant. It is also ideal to smooth out under-eye puffiness, and can be used to cover acne, pimples, vitiligo, dark spots, A hypoallergenic concealer enriched with anti-aging factors that fight free radicals for a younger-looking appearance! Packaged in a convenient and elegant lipstick-style case, it is ideal for daily last moment fixes on the go.


  • A unique waterproof concealer stick, for maximum coverage, that lasts 24 hours, and provide high sun protection SPF 30
  • Provide high cover if it is necessary, or can be used in smaller quantities for a natural outlook
  • Perfect for any working woman that desires a makeup with a natural-looking effect that can last all day long.
  • Perfect for special occasions: weddings, swimming, skiing, dancing, outdoor activities.
  • Hypoallergenic tested. It does not irritate the eye

Available in 6 colours. Please refer to the colour chart to chose a shade and mention the number in your order's comment section.

Clever make-up

  • Camouflage make-up are real value for money: they provide coverage up to 5 times more than ordinary foundation, therefore it is better to use less quantity than more!
  • Before applying or after removing your make-up, nourish your skin with Skin Protector or your favourite moisturising eye cream.
  • Apply a small quantity of Coverderm concealer and spreed it well with finger or a sponge.
  • For very dark eye circle is not recommended to use very light colours. Use an appropriate shade to your skin colour. Apply up on this a lighter colour if you want to get a brighter shade.
  • Apply Finishing Powder to fix the concealing effect on pimple, dark spots, vitiligo. You can apply Finishing Powder on under eye for a brighter outlook.
  • Removing Cream is ideal to remove easily any make-up product, concealer, even waterproof mascaras, and eye-liners.
  • To seal your lipstick "forever" apply a thin layer of Concealer underneath your lipstick.